Wednesday, February 8, 2012

KiDS Corner - Explaining Electricity !

Explaining Electricity is our KiDS Corner Topic for today.

The actual workings/physics of Electricity is rather difficult to explain.
Here are a few ways to explain 'What Electricity Is' to your child.

In this Post:
* A really fantastic and lengthy explanation; with events in history
* An educational and fun website that gives kids a great perspective on where electricity comes from, how to conserve, and much more.

A fairly lengthy explanation of Electricity.
(print this out and run through it with your children)

This runs through Current & Static electricity, Electric Circuits, making electricity and measuring electricity (voltage, power, energy, current).
This webpage also gives some fantastic events in history in relation to Electricity.

…  I actually learnt a few things myself about Electricity……  no doubt you will too !
Click here for "explaining Electricity'

Switched on Kids. org - A UK Interactive site that provides children with
* an explanation of 'where energy comes from'….
* Electrical Safety in your home.
* Information for parents and teachers
* Games and quizzes (what uses the most electricity in your house & electricity and the environment)

Click here for

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